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The easiest way to organize your team, assign tickets and track development.

About Steady Project

Steady Project is a free project management and bug tracking application that is used to help in the life cycle of project development. Whether you're a student looking to track your work, a professional looking to build and manage a team, or just someone who needs a little more management this application is the perfect starting point!


Email Updates

Keep track of what's going on in your tickets. You can choose to signup for email alerts when certain actions are taken against a ticket! Whether it be a new note or file you can always stay involved.

Easy To Use

A simple and intuitive UI allows you to manage your projects and teams without any training required. The navigation system only has a few major links that you'll need to remember.

Theme Changes

Everyone has their own preference of color, font, etc. so we built in a theme changer that at a click of a button you can change the entire look and feel of your Steady Project.

Manage On The Go

Steady Project has a responsive UI and is fully functional on mobile devices. Phone and tablet specific layouts make mobile management a breeze.


You can decide if you would like your team to be private. What this means is that only users within the team can access the projects and tickets available to it. You can also do the exact same thing with your personal user profile.

Easy Search

Logged too many tickets and can't seem to find the one you want? No problem! With the search function it will go through all your tickets descriptions and titles as well as teams and projects to find the correct match for your search term.


How can I request a new feature?

If you have a slick idea for a cool new feature, or something that would just make your life easier please use our contact for below and will respond right away!

Where's the catch? Is Steady Project really 100% free?

No catch! The only area where you would be charged is if you wanted to purchase more storage space for attachments.

Can I install Steady Project in my own hosted environment?

Sure can! You can purchase the source code on Code Canyon. As long as you are familiar with setting up LAMP environment it's all yours!

How often do you push new updates?

We try to push updates bi-weekly.

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